Lawyers for Tax-Exempt Organizations

Hamilton | Vopelak P.C. is a law firm committed to helping tax-exempt organizations (and their officers, directors, and managers) address the multitude of tax-compliance issues the complex and ever-changing tax laws or the IRS may present.  We proactively help our clients by designing tax-compliance programs tailored to each organization’s specific exempt activities, by approaching the IRS on their behalf for an advance ruling or informal guidance when appropriate, and by answering a wide variety of tax-law questions that arise during their day-to-day operations.  We also advise tax-exempt organizations on the best way to address past non-compliance issues, whether in response to self-identified issues, an IRS penalty notice or assessment, or in the context of an IRS audit or an IRS administrative appeal.  We have helped many tax-exempt organizations navigate and successfully resolve a variety of issues raised during IRS examinations.

Our principal office is located at 450 Houston Street in Coppell, Texas, just off the Coppell Main Street square, and minutes away from the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Airport. This convenient and central location facilitates our national tax law practice by allowing us to easily visit our clients anywhere in the country whenever they require.

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